Medina Hospital Foundation

History of the Foundation

For more than 60 years, Medina Hospital has endured, thanks to the financial generosity of the people of Medina County and others who have been touched by our care. To ensure that this rich history of community-supported health care continues, the Medina General Hospital Foundation was established.

The Medina General Hospital Foundation was created in 1991 through the vision of the Board of Directors of Medina General Hospital and the Hospital Administration. It has provided a vehicle to gather, accumulate and judiciously disburse charitable contributions for future hospital needs. The charter gift of $10,000 was contributed by an original member of the MGH Foundation Board.

Both groups cited the growing population of Medina County and the growing demands on the healthcare delivery system as catalysts in initiating this effort. The Foundation has a Board of Directors, different from Medina General Hospital, who are charged with ensuring that our donors' intent is followed.

Over the Foundation's 16-year history, we have received many gifts from individuals, organizations and businesses resulting in:

  • Distributions to Medina Hospital totaling over $2 million to implement over 60 projects.
  • A current market value balance in the Foundation of more than $4 million.

The Medina Hospital Foundation provides members of the community with opportunities to enhance the programs and services of Medina Hospital. That support may be tax-deductible contributions of cash, financial securities, in-kind assets/services or volunteer hours assisting with planning and organizing fundraising events. Patients, families and community members served by Medina Hospital, whether on-site in Medina, at the Brunswick facility or through many outreach programs, are the direct beneficiaries of contributions made by caring individuals, organizations and businesses.

The contributions received by the Foundation are managed and disbursed under the watchful eye of the Foundation’s Board Members who must ensure the monies are used for local healthcare purposes, ensuring high quality and compassionate healthcare close to home.

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