Open Heart Surgery

Sometimes open heart surgery may be the best alternative for cardiac patients who are not candidates for continuing medical therapy or a non-surgical procedure. While open heart surgery is considered to be a serious operation, it is a highly successful surgery that enables patients to live longer and lead more active lives.

The American College of Surgeons recommends that a heart program treat a minimum of 150 cases per year. The Heart Center has far exceeded these recommendations.

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Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

The most common heart surgery is coronary artery bypass surgery, which uses a vein or artery from the body to bypass or reroute blood supply around blockages in the heart arteries. Narrowing of the heart arteries can lead to a heart attack, and bypass surgery improves the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle.

Valve Repair or Replacement

The four valves of the heart (tricuspid, pulmonic, mitral and aortic) ensure that blood flows forward as the heart muscle contracts and relaxes. For cardiac patients with a heart valve that does not function properly, valve repair or replacement surgery may be recommended. Repairing or replacing the faulty heart valve restores normal function to the valve as well as to the function of the heart muscle.

Cleveland Clinic Open Heart Services

The Heart Center at Fairview Hospital has long been recognized as a leader in evaluation and treatment of heart conditions. The addition of Cleveland Clinic’s Heart Surgery Program has further strengthened patient access to world-class cardiac care. In this program, Cleveland Clinic heart surgeons work with community cardiologists to assure that Fairview’s heart patients benefit from the latest procedures and treatments.

The Heart Center partnership with Cleveland Clinic's Department of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery allows for standardization in the patient protocols, strict clinical oversight, and quality management for which The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is renowned.

The program at Fairview Hospital offers highly sophisticated procedures, such as:

  • Valve Surgery
  • Transmyocardial Revascularization
  • Beating Heart Surgery
  • Bloodless Surgery
Endoscopic Vein Harvest

Endoscopic Vein Harvest allows a portion of vein from the inside of the leg to be removed through a small incision. Utilization of this technique reduces the length of the incision by several inches. A video camera is inserted into the small incision and is used to help view the vein and guide in the removal of the needed length.

Benefits include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Fewer wound healing problems
  • Minimal scarring
  • Quicker recovery time
Maze Heart Surgery

Maze heart surgery is a complex intervention to treat a type of irregular heart rhythm. The procedure is used in an effort to cure atrial fibrillation (AF) by interrupting the electrical patterns that are responsible for this irregular heart rhythm. The major benefit is that the Maze procedure restores synchrony to heart and preserves organized heart contraction.