Chest Pain Center

Immediate medical evaluation and treatment is critical to addressing an impending heart attack. The Chest Pain Center at Fairview Hospital, located in the emergency department, has physicians on-site 24/7 who are trained to recognize warning signs and conduct the appropriate tests to determine the origin of the pain. This process is completed within minutes of the patient walking through the emergency department’s doors.

The emergency department physicians work closely with cardiologists at Fairview’s Heart Center to ensure that safe, timely care is delivered to all cardiac patients.

Fairview Hospital also provides Continuing Medical Education and direction to eight suburban fire departments, working with the City of Cleveland’s Emergency Medical Services and Fire Department, to help ensure patients receive appropriate treatment en route to the hospital.

CRUSADE is a national database that identifies treatment strategies for Acute Coronary Syndrome patients. Fairview is ranked #8 out of 376 hospitals in the overall care of these patients.