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Preparing For Bariatric Surgery

Questions to Ask

There are many questions you need to ask prior to deciding on bariatric surgery: Is your bariatric surgeon board certified? How will your insurance handle it? What kind of follow-up care is required after your weight loss procedure? Extensive answers to these and other issues regarding bariatric surgery are available.

Getting Started

Prior to bariatric surgery, many steps are necessary. Matters of nutrition, health, and medication must be addressed. A physical and mental examination will be required.

Screening Appointments

Our patients will undergo screenings regarding nutrition, psychological health, and a physical prior to bariatric surgery.

Preparing For Bariatric Surgery

Two weeks prior to your bariatric surgery, there will be a final health consultation, a financial planning meeting if necessary, an anesthesia consultation, among other services.

Day Of The Surgery

There are several things that need to be taken care of on the day of your bariatric surgery. We have provided a short checklist.