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Recent Developments

In an effort to maintain the highest degree of patient care and satisfaction, Cleveland Clinic STAR Imaging is constantly improving it's world-class facilities.

North East Ohio Locations

Canfield Area, Ohio
Open-bore MRI

The Canfield Area location in Boardman, Ohio, has recently installed a high-field Open-bore MRI. This MRI was designed to accommodate the portion of the population who are overweight, anxious, or extremely claustrophobic, and cannot tolerate the exam, even in a short-bore MRI. In the past, these patients either had to cancel their MRI, or had to be scanned on an open-sided MRI which, due to lesser magnetic strength, cannot produce the crisp images and short exam times offered by traditional MRI systems. The Open-bore design looks more like a donut-shape than a tube. It is much shorter, and the "donut hole" is much wider which allows most exams to be completed with the patient’s head outside of the unit. Even when a scan must be completed with the head inside, there is generally 1 foot of space above the patient’s nose.

High field, Open-bore MRI combines the high magnetic strength of traditional MRI with an open, more comfortable design. The result: superior image quality, short exam times and an open design that easily accommodates large, anxious and claustrophobic patients. The innovative design provides our world-class radiology team the detailed images they need to provide accurate, quality care without sacrificing your comfort. No compromises.

Columbus, Ohio, Kenny Road
40 Slice CT

Cleveland Clinic Star Imaging is pleased to announce that we have installed a new upgraded CT scanner at our Kenny Road location. The new scanner limits radiation to the exact area being imaged and uses the precise amount necessary to achieve a high quality examination. "The new CT scanner is the first in central Ohio that offers reduced radiation exposure to patients," says Dan Alexa, Operations Manager for Star Imaging, "with a wider opening, fast exam times, and sub-specialty interpretations from Cleveland Clinic radiologists, this 40 channel, state-of-the-art scanner offers patients the comfort, convenience, quality, and accuracy that they deserve."