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For Corporations

Do you want a healthier, more engaged and productive workforce?
Are you interested in lowering your organization’s healthcare costs?

Let Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Lifestyle Medicine help.

We offer a comprehensive range of programs that our experts can customize to meet your budget and goals. Our programs include seminar and lecture series on general wellness issues, such as nutrition and fitness; ongoing wellness programs, such as lifestyle medicine interventions and tobacco cessation; and more intensive disease reversal interventions for employees who struggle with chronic health issues.

Studies show that 80% of chronic disease is caused by tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy dietary choices, lack of physical activity, and poor management of chronic stress.

Let us help your employees on the road to wellness, while you focus on your day-to-day business.

Contact us for a customized approach to wellness.

Center for Lifestyle Medicine
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Available Talks


Jane Pernotto Ehrman, M.Ed., CHES, Behavioral Health Specialist
Coping with Change in the Workplace

Change is really the only constant in life and there’s plenty of it in the workplace. Learn where you have control, and recognize the tools we all possess to approach and respond to change in positive and effective ways. In this class participants will learn tips to adapt to change, to recognize unenforceable rules as well as how to deal with them effectively, and how to re-wire the brain for greater responsiveness.

Effectively Dealing with Uncomfortable Feelings at Work

We all have experienced uncomfortable feelings in meetings, conversations and situations. How can you deal with them quickly and effectively? Participants will learn tips and tools to effectively address and release uncomfortable emotions at work or anywhere. In addition, they will have the opportunity to experience these tools as part of this presentation. Skills building is focused on recognizing ineffective ways to deal with uncomfortable feelings at work, learning 4 effective ways to deal with feelings appropriately, and how to utilize easy and effective tools for stress relief.

Stress Relief Is Just a Breath Away

Learn about one of the most effective; convenient, affordable, easy to use, always available and natural stress relief tools known to humans – our breath. Participants will learn a variety of breath practices that can help them go from being more present to re-wiring their brain for greater responsiveness. Participants will have the opportunity to experience these tools as part of this presentation which will assist in understanding the impact of unmanaged stress, and recognizing the benefits of stress relief to the body/mind.

Effectively Relieving Your Stress

Stress affects the individual, work teams and the corporation. Learn about the impact of stress, signs of burnout, and effective, easy-to-practice tools to relieve stress in a variety of settings. As part of this presentation participants will have the opportunity to experience effective stress relief tools and coping skills, learn to identify the unhealthy cycle of stress, learn to recognize the impact of burnout and how to avoid it, and discover ways to separate work from home life. (This presentation can be tailored to your Senior Management / Executive audience).

Who Loves Ya, Baby? Or, Heart Health: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Diet, exercise and stress relief were once thought as the keys to heart health. However, research has shown the powerful and positive impact of social support on heart health and well-being. Participants will learn to understand isolation, recognize the effects of fear and anger, and appreciate the qualities and benefits of healthy relationships.


James D. Perko, CEC, AAC, Executive Chef and Program Manager
Prepare to Feel Better - Prepare to Change - Learn to Prepare!

Most of us know and understand that a healthy diet consists of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains, and limits added sugars, sodium and fats - especially saturated fats. Science tells us a healthy diet can add years to our life span, help us look younger, and feel better. However there is often a gap between what we KNOW about making the right choices and actually MAKING the right choices. Yet, somehow, in spite of this scientifically supported and common-sense truth, many of us still don’t incorporate these simple habits into our daily lives.

These presentations teach the ways to close the gap between knowing and doing, learning about interesting and delicious new foods, and ways to better prepare familiar options. Participants will be taught tips on changing life-long habits that get in the way of healthy cooking and eating, will learn the necessary skills to choose, prepare, and discover how easy it can be to enjoy eating whole foods with less added sugars, sodium, and fats.

Culinary presentations can be customized to cover a myriad of topics including:

  • Recognizing optimum ripeness and the best quality of foods when shopping at the grocery store or farmer’s market
  • How to modify holiday and family-favorite recipes to make create delicious dishes that can maximize health benefits and boost flavor
  • Basic and essential knife skills
  • The ins-and-outs of healthy grilling (whether outdoors or on a kitchen range top)
  • Quick and easy breakfast options that the entire family can enjoy


Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD and Program Manager
Simple Diet Changes CAN Add Up To Big Benefits – ‘Get Real’ Rules You Can Use Daily!

It seems like every day, there's a new nutrition story, food label, or "superfood" that hits the mass media. Meanwhile, our waistlines continue to grow and our chronic disease risk and health care costs increase. Perhaps too much information is actually hurting us, not helping us. Participants will learn how to take a simpler approach by avoiding the nutrition "smoke and mirrors" and get back to the basics when making nutritional choices.

Breakfast 101: Why the first thing you eat every day can affect your overall health

Our body's work hard to keep us alive at night and all it asks after all that hard work is for YOU to break the 6-10 hour fast and provide it fuel. Yes, breakfast IS still the most important meal of the day and what you choose to consume can actually predict not only how the rest of the day will go for you, but your chances of gaining weight and developing certain chronic conditions. In this presentation participants will learn the good, the bad and the truly ugly breakfast options, and how you can strive to make better choices to start every day off right!

Nutrition after 40 - How Your Diet Should Change with Each Decade

Our body’s change after a certain age - metabolism, activity levels, lifestyle – and our nutrition needs change as well! Learn what additions and deletions you need to make to be your healthiest at each decade of life.

Decoding the Mystery of Our Food

Have you ever shelled out big bucks for a carton of eggs that had a "cage free" label on it? Or paid top dollar for organic fish? How about spending 1/2 your paycheck on organic or natural foods? If so, did you really understand the ramifications behind that label your putting so much trust into? The truth is, being a savvy shopper is actually easy, but involves taking a back to the basics approach. Participants will learn how to sift through the terms we all encounter on food labeling and discover their true meanings, as well as develop a better understanding of why paying extra cash for specifically labeled foods may not actually provide the benefits we’re looking for.

Additional topics:

  • Dining out during Business Travel – You Can Do It in a Healthy Way!
  • Vitamins and Supplements – What do I Need to Know to Make the Best Choices?


Judi Bar, E-RYT500, Yoga Therapist and Program Manager

NOTE: We teach a gentle style of yoga that anyone can practice - anywhere. Even if they've never tried yoga before. This type of instruction is designed so that everyone can participate at their own level, while reaping the optimum benefits. We break down complicated poses into simple, easy-to-do movements. Participants learn a balanced physical routine that will also benefit their mind and spirit.

You Don’t Have To Be Flexible to Do This Yoga!

There are many misconceptions about yoga, you have to be flexible, wear special clothes, have to be fit, to do it. Join Judi Bar as she shows you simple gentle movements which can be practiced anywhere at any time, to help relieve stress, bring you more awareness, to help you to feel better both physically and mentally. You can choose the focus each time we present, such as relaxation at your desk, recognizing what stress fell like in your body and developing the tools to manage it most effectively, or movements and postures that can help you wake up and re-energize in the middle of your workday.

Put Your Mind at Ease – Meditation for the Rest of Us

Many of us have heard about the benefits of meditation but may think “that isn’t for me.” This class will introduce you to the science of why meditating is so beneficial for your body and mind. Participants will learn simple and effective ways to calm the mind for just five minutes of meditation each day, which can reduce stress and allow us to relax, slow down and focus our thoughts during a busy day.

The Picture of Health is Mindfulness

What we eat, how we exercise and how we spend our time are all daily choices we make about our health. This presentation will help participants understand and unlock the keys to making the healthiest choices possible to enhance the quality of their life. Skills taught include how three simple steps can make tough choices easier, how to bring more energy into a busy day, and how simple it can be to make mindful choices that can result in maximum health.

Movements and Postures to Help Wake You Up at Work

Have you ever experienced that mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy slump? Experience tight muscles, tension headaches and backaches? Find it difficult to concentrate and enjoy the work at hand? Rather than getting another cup of coffee, why not take a yoga break? There’s no need for a change of clothing, a special mat or a 60-minute class. Participants will learn quick, easy and effective ways to recharge and enjoy the benefits of yoga right at the desk. Skills taught include simple way to reduce tension, fatigue and stress, and how to recognize an easy energy booster that we’ve all been practicing for years. That in-box doesn’t stand a chance.


Fredina J. Usher-Weems, MR, BA/Ed, ACSM, HDCI, AFAA and Program Manager
Back Strengthening

We all need exercises that will strengthen our back, that will help us to avoid back injury, and that will minimize the severity of injury if the spine is traumatized. American College of Sports Medicine’s research articles have proven that incorporating resistance exercises for the back will strengthen the spinal column and the supporting muscles ligaments, and tendons. In this presentation participants will learn the importance of incorporating quick breaks throughout the day to perform simple back exercises that can strengthen and tone back muscles, which assists in the prevention of back pain and back injuries.

Healthy Legs

It is important to keep your legs in shape, since they power you through your daily actives. In this presentation participants learn quick and easy leg exercises to perform at home or work that can assist in maintaining proper leg circulation, especially when being seated for prolonged periods of time.

Amazing Abdominals

Are you struggling with maintaining the strong abdominal muscles that are essential for a healthy midsection body composition, good posture and the prevention of lower-back pain? Strong and flexible abdominals will help you avoid excessive weight around your midsection, weakened spinal structure, and improve your overall health. Participants will learn how basic abdominal anatomy movements are used throughout their daily activities at home and at work, how to perform simple exercises to assist in maintaining a strong core, and how to easily include essential abdominal exercise into the daily routine.