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Patient Story

Zavier Nagel: Proof Of Bmt’s Potential In Nonmalignant Diseases

Zavier Nagel (right) was born with congenital amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia (CAMT), a rare hematologic disease that prevented his bone marrow from making platelets. After a couple of misdiagnoses and unsuccessful treatment attempts, Zavier’s parents brought him to Cleveland Clinic Children’s, where Rabi Hanna, MD, identified Zavier’s CAMT and placed him on a regimen of weekly platelet transfusions.

The transfusions gave Zavier energy but put him at high risk of internal bleeding, so Dr. Hanna suggested a bone marrow transplant. Zavier’s older brother, Jeradt (left), was a match, and an initial transplant of healthy bone marrow from Jeradt to Zavier in October 2011 gave the younger brother an initial boost, but it didn’t last.

In July 2012, Dr. Hanna extracted 20 million stem cells from Jeradt through apheresis and gave them to Zavier. After one more platelet transfusion, Zavier’s platelet count rose and remained high.

Now 6 years old, Zavier is healthy and energetic. Dr. Hanna considers him cured. The Nagels say their boys, who were always close, now share a special bond.


196 blood and marrow transplants in 2014, including:

Program Highlights

Since the Blood and Marrow Transplant Center’s Program began in 1977, our physicians have performed over 3,800 bone marrow transplant procedures, making our bone marrow transplant center home to the largest program in Ohio. Each year nearly 400 patients are consulted at our bone marrow transplant center for a possible bone marrow transplant.

Center for Reconstructive Transplantation

Reconstructive transplantation is reserved for those patients in whom conventional plastic and reconstructive surgery is insufficient to produce acceptable results. Potential patients are those who have suffered massive loss of complex tissue, including hands, faces, abdominal walls and larynges, where prosthesis is either unavailable or insufficient to restore physical integrity and function.

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