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Transplant Programs

Learn about the advanced treatments and procedures we offer.

Heart Transplant Program
The Center has over 25 years of heart transplant experience.
Bone & Soft Tissue Transplant Program
Expert bone and soft tissue transplantation experience.
Kidney Transplant Program
The Center performed Ohio’s first kidney transplant in 1963.
Corneal Transplant Program
Highest quality performance in corneal transplant programs.
Liver Transplant Program
Over 2,000 liver transplants have taken place at Cleveland Clinic.
Lung Transplant Program
Cleveland Clinic is a proven national leader in lung transplantation.
Pancreas Transplant Program
A comprehensive transplant program for each patient's case.
Intestinal Transplant Program
We are one of few centers in the world to offer the program.
Other Transplant Programs
Working collaboratively with other centers and institutes.

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