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Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Sport Specific Rehabilitation

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At Cleveland Clinic Sport Specific Rehabilitation, we understand athletes. That’s why we’ve designed an entire range of sport-specific rehabilitation and performance programs to help you – no matter your game, skill level or condition.

Whether you’ve been injured or simply want to improve your performance, we’ve assembled a team of all the experts you’ll need: physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, physical therapy assistants, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and sports physicians.

About Sport Specific Rehabilitation
We offer programs by experts who are familiar with (and often play) your sport and can identify the needs that are critical to your recovery.
Golf Smart
A program designed for golfers with injury who want to get back to hitting the links, or who just want to improve their game and stay injury free.
Jump Right
An ACL injury prevention program designed to improve jumping and landing mechanics in all athletes.
Match Fit
A soccer training program designed to improve jumping and landing techniques, and increase flexibility, strength, power, agility and quickness.
Run Smart
A program designed to help you improve your running performance.
Skate Smart
A program designed to help improve skating performance, led by a team of medical professionals with experience in figure skating.
Throw Right
A program that focuses on throwing injuries, correcting the problem and preventing future disability.
Train Right
A program dedicated solely to helping athletes of all sports improve their performance.


To make an appointment with a sports rehabilitation specialist please call 216.518.3444.

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