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Competitive Edge, Spring 2013

Q&A: Meet One of Our Newest Team Members

Kim Gladden, MD, is a sports medicine physician who completed a fellowship with Cleveland Clinic’s Primary Sports Medicine Department last year. She joined the Cleveland Clinic staff in October 2012. Dr. Gladden’s specialty interests include general sports injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, concussions and performing arts medicine. She can be seen at Cleveland Clinic’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department at main campus and in Sports Health at Medina Hospital and the Brunswick Family Health Center.

Why did you choose a career in medicine?

Musculoskeletal anatomy always fascinated me, and physical medicine and rehabilitation combined with sports training seemed a natural fit.

What is your favorite thing about being a sports medicine physician?

I enjoy working with patients who want to improve function and get back to doing the things they love, whether it is a competitive sport or leisure activity.

What types of patients do you see?

Because I specialize in musculoskeletal injury, I mainly see joint and soft tissue injuries, as well as some fractures, dislocations, concussions and arthritis. The patients range from high-level athletes to those who are starting an exercise program to try to improve their health. I enjoy working with all levels of activity. I was a dancer for many years so I also have a great interest in performance arts medicine, including ballet, modern dance, jazz dance and gymnastics.

What advice to you offer athletes faced with injury?

My goal is to get the athlete safely returned to his or her sport while helping patients to understand how the original injury or condition occurred. And it’s important to provide education on injury prevention in the future.

What do you do to stay fit?

These days I stay active through jogging, biking, group fitness classes and weight training. I hope to return to some dance classes one of these days; my favorite is jazz. If my knees can handle it, I might try some hip-hop.

Is there anything interesting you would like to share about yourself?

I just moved to Lakewood as I will be traveling to Brunswick, Medina and main campus, and I love being close to the city. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working at Cleveland Clinic with such a wonderful group of physicians, and look forward to establishing my practice here.

Kim Gladden, MD, is a sports medicine physician who sees patients at Medina Hospital and Brunswick Family Health Center. To schedule an appointment with her, please call 877.440.TEAM.

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