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Visiting Scholars & Consultation

We want to share our expertise. We invite your organization to learn more about our individualized programs and consulting services. Our offerings are not static. They are designed to guide your organization and can be customized to support your specific needs and goals. Cleveland Clinic professionals are available for teleconferences, on-site assessments and training, follow-up phone calls and more. To ensure your success, consultation may be one time or ongoing for a finite period.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and achieve excellence in nursing.

Visiting Nurse Scholars is an onsite observational experience at Cleveland Clinic that gives nursing leaders the opportunity to gain knowledge and new skills in the face of new challenges facing healthcare organizations. We welcome scholars from nations all over the world.

The scholar experience is tailored to meet career development objectives and the needs of the scholar’s sponsoring institution. Based on learning objectives, scholars are matched with Cleveland Clinic experts who will serve as their mentor while visiting Cleveland Clinic. This helps scholars to develop a deeper understanding of the area of interest along with alternative approaches to the management of complex patients.

The duration of the program is typically between one to four weeks depending on the need and can be combined with other Executive Education Programs offered at Cleveland Clinic.

Observation experiences can be focused on management and leadership development in a broad sense or they can be focused on nursing practices within a specific specialty area, offering the scholar an opportunity to analyze technologies and nursing procedures within an area of clinical interest.

Upon completion of the program, scholars will be able to apply best practices of the Zielony Nursing Institute to patient care at their own institution.

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Required Applicant Qualifications

Required Applicant Qualifications:

  • 5 years of nursing experience in a respective institution
  • Ability to speak and write fluently in English
  • Submission of written objectives identifying specific learning needs and requests for observational experiences
  • 2 letters of recommendation from sponsoring institution
  • Documentation of the following immunizations or proof of immunity:
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German measles), Polio, Varicella Zoster (chicken pox), Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis within last ten years).
    • Current negative tuberculosis screening within last 6 months
    • Proof of Hepatitis B immunization/Immunity or signed waiver
    • Flu immunization during the months of November through April
Tuition and Travel Expenses

The tuition fee schedule is $2,500 per five-day week for the first participant. Additional participants, from the same sponsoring institution, are charged $1,250 per week. (The fee is due at least one week prior or sooner of the first day of the visiting scholar’s experience.)

Transportation, housing, and expenses are the responsibility of the visiting scholar or sponsoring institution. Medical care is available, but healthcare costs are the responsibility of the scholar.

Schedule Your Trip

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Healthcare organizations across the globe are facing complex issues as they consolidate facilities, respond to increased demands and the need for continuous improvement. To address these issues, healthcare organizations often turn to Cleveland Clinic to find out how we are successfully addressing similar challenges.

Through the years, we have pioneered advanced techniques and procedures that let us give our patients innovative, compassionate, quality and evidence-based care. Nurses often comprise the majority of the healthcare workforce in healthcare organizations. Because nursing care has such a profound impact on patient outcomes and experience, many times those organizations seek nursing solutions. Our consultants will work with your nursing team to adapt practices to fit your institution. We will evaluate any programs or initiatives your health organization is currently pursuing.

Our Office of Nursing Education and Professional Development will do a thorough inquiry into the needs of your organization. In collaboration with you, we will create objectives to match your needs and identify the best approach. The resulting experience is often a mixture of targeted consultation, observation, and discussion among nursing leadership and specific program experts.

Consultation and Advisory services can be onsite at Cleveland Clinic, or we can come to you. Our nursing professionals are available for teleconferences, on-site assessments and training. To ensure your success, consultation may be one time or ongoing for a finite period.

We provide analysis on most clinical, operational and strategic challenges. We can work to develop and improve:

  • Resource management practices
  • Continuous improvement (CI) efforts
  • Education and development programs
  • Technology usage
  • Patient care protocols and best practices
  • Research initiatives
  • Standardization and onboarding efforts
  • Nurse residency programs
  • Shared governance
  • Certification efforts
  • Nurse recruitment efforts

Working with our consultants will help your health system capitalize on investments, streamline costs, explore new opportunities for growth, and provide quality patient care. Contact our consulting team today to discuss how we can work with you and to discuss consultation fees.

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