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Disorders & Conditions

sleep quizzes
Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Learn about the most common circadian rhythm disorders.
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
What is delayed sleep phase syndrome? Find out the causes, symptoms and how it is treated.
Drug & Alcohol Related Sleep Disorders
Find out how drug and alcohol usage can affect your sleep patterns.
Types of insomnia, what are the causes and how it is treated.
The common symptoms of narcolepsy and how it is treated.
Types of parasomnias are nightmares, sleep terrors, sleepwalking and confusion arousals.
Pediatric Sleep Disorders
Infants and children can suffer from sleep disorders. Learn why these disorders should be taken seriously.
Restless Legs Syndrome
People of any age can have RLS. Learn what symptoms to look out for.
Shift Work Sleep Disorder
Learn more about this disorder that affects people who frequently rotate shifts or work at night.
Sleep & Psychiatric Disorders
Depression, anxiety and substance abuse can all be associated with sleep disorders.
Sleep Apnea
A disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep.
Sleep Related Eating Disorders
This disorder can occur while sleepwalking. Learn the common symptoms and how it can be treated.
Sleepwalking: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Options
Sleepwalking can involve a range of other behaviors besides walking around.