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About Sleep Disorders Center

Adult Sleep Disorders

Established in 1978, Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center was among the first in the nation dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in people of all ages. Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center is staffed by physicians specializing in sleep disorders from a variety of disciplines, including pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, neurology, pulmonary and critical care medicine, psychology, psychiatry, otolaryngology and family medicine. More than 9,000 sleep studies are performed in our laboratories each year.

Sleep Medicine began to develop into an organized medical specialty in the 1970s. Since then, major advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and sleep laboratories are found in most large communities in the United States. However, not all sleep laboratories are accredited and some are accredited for limited services. Despite the growth of sleep medicine in recent years, many unanswered questions remain about the causes of sleep disorders, the role of genetics, the social, psychological and medical consequences of sleep disorders and chronic sleep deprivation, as well as the legal issues surrounding sleep disorder symptoms. For that reason, physicians, nurses and technical staff dedicated to the advancement of sleep research in Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center are using sleep studies to find the answers to these important questions.

In patients with poor quality sleep or daytime sleepiness, the first step toward a better night's sleep is a comprehensive evaluation by a Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders specialist. Your physician may recommend testing with an overnight and/or daytime sleep study. Once your disorder is diagnosed, a treatment plan will be designed specifically for you. As part of your sleep disorder treatment, your sleep medicine physician may recommend a consultation with a sleep psychologist, psychiatrist, otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist), dentist or a physician specializing in weight reduction.

Treatment Outcomes

Download a comprehensive overview of outcomes from across the Neurological Institute, including treatment outcomes for insomnia, the before and after results from PAP therapy and pediatric studies at Cleveland Clinic.