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Diagnostics & Testing

Minimizing disability and maximizing quality of life depends upon accurate diagnosis and prompt, appropriate treatment of nerve disease and neuromuscular disorders. Yet because symptoms of neuromuscular disorders overlap and mimic those of several diseases, diagnosis can be difficult and often delayed. In addition to a neurological history, examination, and specialized laboratory tests, neuromuscular specialists at Cleveland Clinic rely upon diagnostic investigations such as EMG, the Autonomic Laboratory, Spinal Fluid Analysis, Muscle and Nerve Biopsies and the Peripheral Nerve Injury Program.

Autonomic Laboratory
Learn about the comprehensive panel of cardiovascular and sudomotor tests to assess the full spectrum of autonomic disorders.
Cutaneous Nerve Laboratory
The Cutaneous Nerve Laboratory is dedicated to improving diagnosis and research for small fiber neuropathy.
EMG Examination
Cleveland Clinic's EDX laboratory is one of the largest in the state of Ohio. Learn more.
A test that measures sweat to assess autonomic nervous system disorders, peripheral neuropathies and some types of pain disorders.
Skin Biopsy for Small Fiber Sensory Neuropathy
Frequently asked questions about diagnosing small fiber sensory neuropathy with skin biopsies.
Spinal Fluid Analysis
A spinal fluid analysis is used in the diagnosis of certain peripheral neuropathies.
Ultrasound of Peripheral Nerve and Muscle
Learn about the benefits of ultrasound imaging including, the added value for entrapment neuropathies.