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Diagnostics & Testing

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health provides advanced assessments to patients with memory, movement and cognitive disorders.

Thorough evaluation includes examination by a neurologist using a structured mental status examination, nursing and social work assessment, neuropsychological testing, physical therapy and brain imaging. Diagnostic assessment provides the basis for ongoing care and provision of the highest standard of available therapies including pharmacologic interventions, physical therapy and cognitive rehabilitation as well as family support. Both cognitive and emotional aspects of brain disorders are addressed in an integrated, whole-person treatment approach.

Our standard diagnostics evaluation includes:

  • Comprehensive neurological examination
  • Laboratory tests
  • Brain MRI
  • Memory and cognitive function evaluation
Imaging Services
Noninvasive tests that produce very clear pictures, or images, of the human body without the use of x-rays.
Neuropsychological Testing
An evaluation to determine if a person's cognitive abilities have been affected by illness.