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Watch our most viewed videos about epilepsy diagnosis and treatment.

Epilepsy Center Overview

Dileep Nair, MD, offers an overview of our epilepsy diagnostic and treatment services, which are ranked among the best in the nation. Request Patient Treatment Guide, Request Surgery Guide

Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

William Bingaman, MD, walks parents through the various surgeries that can be used to help kids with epilepsy. Learn about success rates and other options when surgery is not appropriate. Request Surgery Guide

Epilepsy Surgery Gives Aidan His Life Back

A touching, informative video about a family's struggle with epilepsy. Aidan went from having 15 - 20 seizures/hour to being seizure-free after surgery.

Who Are Some Well-Known People With Epilepsy?

Elaine Wyllie, MD, discusses why patients with epilepsy are in good company.

Epilepsy Laser Surgery Gives Teen Normal Life

Brain surgery is an effective tool when medicines fail, but involves a large incision. Meet a teenager whose seizures were controlled by a different type of brain surgery that left him with just a single stitch.

Epilepsy Medical Treatment

Norman So, MD, discusses how Epilepsy Center doctors and care providers find the best treatments to control seizures and improve your quality of life. Request Patient Treatment Guide

Adult Epilepsy Surgery

William Bingaman, MD, discusses how and when surgery is recommended for patients whose seizures are intolerable or resistant to medication. Request Surgery Guide

Ann’s Story – My Life Out of the Darkness

An inspiring video about Ann, whose seizures involved staring spells and who hid her condition for years. After surgery, she and her husband were able to start a family.

Why You Should Treat Seizures With Medication

Elaine Wyllie, MD, advises how patients with epilepsy can go on with a normal life if their symptoms are well managed.