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Treatments & Services

Mobile Stroke Unit

One of the first Mobile Stroke Units in the country has been brought to Cleveland, OH.

Moyamoya Disease Program
For recovery, diagnosing and treatment. Meet our Moyamoya Disease Program team.
Surgical & Endovascular Services
View a list of treatments including stents, embolization and medical services.
Real-time, 2-way videoconferencing system used for stroke consultation.

Emergency Stroke Services

Our Emergency Department and the Primary Stroke Center Team are in constant communication throughout the care of the stroke patient, from the time the patient is brought through the doors, to the CAT scan machine, up until the patient is admitted into one of the 106 specialized neurological care beds. The stroke team has a dedicated pager that is used throughout the institution when someone is exhibiting stroke like symptoms. The team is paged and they will know when and where the patient is coming from, so they will be present upon patient arrival to evaluate the patient. They will accompany the patient to the CAT scanner and remain with the patient during the diagnostic decision making process.

Cleveland Clinic's Emergency Department staff is certified in the use of NIHSS, or the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale. The NIHSS was developed by the National Institute of Health and is used to determine the severity of a stroke. It is a standard unit of measure that is used to evaluate all stroke patients. By using the NIHSS the nursing staff and the physicians can communicate accurately regarding the patient’s neurological condition.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Institute Comprehensive neurological rehabilitation services offer outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy programs for patients with neurological conditions. Our therapists specialize in neurological treatment, are involved in research and stay abreast of current treatment approaches using evidence-based practice. Our therapists evaluate the specific needs of the patient and select a technique or a combination of techniques to serve the individual’s needs. Techniques can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Repetitive task practice
  • Motor relearning
  • Modified constraint-induced therapy
  • Neuro-developmental treatment (NDT)
  • Electrical stimulation and/or fluidotherapy

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