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Patients at risk for metastatic brain tumors

More than 1 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year. Approximately one-quarter of these individuals will develop metastatic brain tumors during the course of their illness. Gene Barnett, MD, Director of the Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center, discusses the risks, signs/symptoms and treatment options for metastatic brain tumors.

New Brain Tumor Research Center of Excellence

The Lerner Research Institute announces the new Brain Tumor Research Center of Excellence. Under the leadership of Steven Rosenfeld, MD, PhD, the mission of this first Center of Excellence in cancer research is to “translate” scientific findings into diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to improve the lives of patients afflicted with brain tumors.

Parma Heights family ties help overcome adversity

When John Tondich started having painful headaches while wrestling as a sophomore at Trinity High School in February, his mother and father were concerned. Joe Tondich knew his son was in serious pain because John had always been a tough kid and was not what he would call a complainer. Being a mother, Debbie worried more than Joe.

When doctors found a cancerous mass on John’s brain, he was rushed by ambulance to Cleveland Clinic’s Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center. Dr. Violette Recinos, a surgeon at the hospital, assured the Tondich family that the tumor was in the best place to have a tumor, which made the operation to remove the tumor a relatively “easy” one.

Watch these videos to learn more about recent treatments and how others are coping with a positive diagnosis.