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Fertility Center

Cleveland Clinic fertility experts provide treatment in a caring environment, where major emphasis is placed on accessibility, personal attention, emotional support and technological excellence.

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EmbryoScope: New high-tech incubator and time-lapse camera helps couple achieve pregnancy

The EmbryoScope is a high-tech incubator and time-lapse camera that captures each moment of embryo development from the very first day in real-time. Cleveland Clinic was one of the first centers to adopt this technology and use it to help select embryos for transfer. "Imagine you're able to see every minute of the embryo's development, even before it's transferred to the uterus. Bre it implants on the uterine wall you're able to see this embryo. It's never been possible before," says Dr. Nina Desai.

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For women undergoing fertility treatments or their friends and family members, Cleveland Clinic’s Fertility Group on Facebook is a great resource. Our goal: To foster the discussion of issues associated with fertility/infertility and provide a supportive, informative page that serves as a resource for patients.