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Emergency Department

Our Main Campus Emergency Department (ED) provides care to patients 24 hours per day, seven days per week and is staffed by specialists in Emergency Medicine. Caregivers treat over 61,000 adult and pediatric patients annually, providing a critical link to healthcare for our community, the region and the world (through Cleveland Clinic Critical Care Transport). Our experienced physicians are dedicated to providing high quality, patient centered care.

As part of the Maria and Sam Miller Emergency Services Building, the ED consists of 75 treatment rooms/spaces, including a split flow (fast-track) area open 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. every day. The Department is a leader in the use of an ED-based observation unit for the evaluation and treatment of patients with conditions that require more extended testing or treatment than can be done in the Emergency Department. Imaging Services (x-ray, CT and Ultrasound) are adjacent to the department.

Making a First Impression

For many patients, the Emergency Department represents a patient’s and their families’ first impression of Cleveland Clinic. Over 20 percent of all inpatient admissions begin in our Emergency Department.

Because you never know when you'll have an “emergency”

Upon arrival patients will be screened by Emergency Department staff and “split” into those requiring emergent care, intermediate care or minor care. This allows us to provide the most appropriate level of care for your immediate needs with minimal waiting time.

23-Hour Observation Unit

Sometimes an emergency department visit is not long enough to understand your condition, or you may need some additional time/treatment to get better. Our 23-hour observation unit allows patients that additional time. Patients may be discharged home or admitted to the hospital based on their progress.