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TheStatus com Online Community at the Digestive Disease Institute is a free web-based service sponsored by the Digestive Disease Institute. Patients and families can create a private, secure and confidential website to share information about the patient’s care and condition.

This website can be used to:

  • Notify friends and family if the patient is accepting phone calls or visitors
  • Post pictures
  • Sign a Guest Book, leave messages or ask questions of the patient or caregiver

The pages can be updated using any web browser. Most patients find it useful to begin using from home.

  • We will NOT share or sell any of your information to outside parties.
  • You will NOT be subscribed to receive unwanted e-mails or newsletters.
  • There are NO click through ads, pop-ups or advertisements of any kind on our website.

For Patients and Families

How much does it cost? is sponsored by the Digestive Disease Institute and is provided FREE for digestive disease patients, their family and friends.

How do I create a page?

It’s very simple! You only need to know how to type and click a mouse. With our easy set-up wizard, it only takes about 10 to 20 minutes to create a web page. Using any computer with internet access and a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), go to*. Click on the link called “Create a New Page,” and follow the instructions.

Please make sure you have permission from the patient to build the web page. You will be asked to confirm that you are creating the web page with the patient’s consent. (Please see the Terms of Service prior to using for a complete agreement of rules and guidelines for using

Sponsor Code: You will receive a handout from your nurse or in your admission pack. The Sponsor Code is located on the handout.

Available in five languages is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Arabic.

What about security and privacy?

At, you choose the level of security for your patient website. We offer encryption and password protection to ensure privacy and security so that information on your web page will not be accessible to unauthorized parties.

How long can my site remain on

Your Cleveland-Clinic-sponsored page will remain posted for 6 months. At that time, you may choose to extend your page, delete your page or switch to a non-sponsored page (that is still free to use, but has advertising links on the pages).

Are there computer stations at the Cleveland Clinic?

You may use your own computer or while at the Cleveland Clinic, computers are available for patients and families at select locations. See handout for locations around the Cleveland Clinic.

For information or technical assistance for

For Visitors

Your family member or friend that is at the Cleveland Clinic creates their own private and secure page. They will need to give you the password to see their page at

*a new browser window will open with these links

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