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Research & Innovations

The Concussion Center's staff is involved with research programs and innovations to support the growth of concussion treatment and services to all patients.

Current Research Projects

Sensor-Based Biomarker Testing

Cleveland Clinic is investigating sensor-based biomarkers for improved concussion diagnosis and prognosis. The Intelligent Mouthguard uses impact sensors in tandem with high speed film captured at 10,000 frames per second to identify impacts most likely to cause concussion and long-term brain injury.

Protective Headgear

The Head, Neck and Spine Research Laboratory conducts testing and analysis of protective helmets. A recent laboratory study showed that modern American football helmets provided similar protection to 1920's era leather helmets in under very common impact conditions. Research continues with a current focus on how to design a helmet specifically for youth concussion protection.

Sports & Concussions

Dr. Edward Benzel discusses the implications of concussions while on the playing field.

Boxing & Brain Health

One of the questions Dr. Charles Bernick and his colleagues ask boxers who come to the Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health here is, “How many times have you been knocked out cold or gotten a concussion?” Most say, “never.” Then the doctors ask, “How many times have you felt dazed and stunned?” Most say, “many times.”

This is part of the Professional Fighters Brain Health Study, now a year old and with results from 109 fighters — more than have ever been compiled in a single research project.

Clinical Trials

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