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Research Staff

The Cole Eye Institute staff includes a team of vision researchers committed to understanding genetic-based eye diseases.

Full Staff
Associate Staff
Assistant Staff
  • Sherry Ball, PhD
Project Scientists
  • Vera Bonilha, PhD
  • George Hoppe, MD, PhD
  • Geeng-Fu Jang, PhD
  • Lisa Kuttner-Kondo, PhD
  • Preenie deS Senanayake, PhD
  • Mary E. Rayborn, M.S.
  • Jing Xie, PhD
  • Minzhong Yu, PhD
Research Associate
  • Jian Hua Qi, PhD
Post-Doctoral/Clinical Fellows
  • Flavia Leao Barbosa, PhD
  • Kathryn Bryan, PhD
  • Abhijit Sinha Roy, PhD
  • Gregory Grossman, PhD
  • Ivy Samuels, PhD
  • Vivek Singh, PhD
Research Students
  • Matthew Ford
  • Gabrielle Markoff
  • Kayla Zurcher
  • Vandana Agrawal
  • Mariya Ali
  • John S. Crabb
  • Alecia Cutler
  • Eric Farage
  • Holly Green
  • Brett Hanzlicek
  • Charles Kaul
  • Yong Li
  • Gayle Paue
  • Karen Shadrach
  • Gwen Sturgill
  • Xiaoping Yang
  • Xiuzhen Yue
Senior Principal Research Engineer
  • Brent Bell, BS
Clinical Nurse Coordinator
  • Emma Lessieur, MD
  • Edward T. Orel, BA, MBA
Department Coordinator
  • Laura Hogan

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