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Taussig Cancer Institute

Taussig Cancer Institute provides world-class care to patients with cancer and is at the forefront of new and emerging clinical, translational and basic cancer research.

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Contact the Cancer Answer Line for scheduling assistance, a list of our locations or for answers to questions about cancer.
Cancer Care
Caring for you is our first priority. Learn about our programs to help you get the treatment and support you need.
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Read about our efforts to apply what is learned in research laboratories to advance patient care.
Medical Professionals
Continuing education, fellowship, and other professional programs available in our training institution.

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What is Multiple Myeloma? Dr. Frederic Reu Explains

Tom Brokaw’s announcement that he has a blood cancer sheds new light on the disease.

Dr. Rini and Patient to Complete Marathon Together

Friends, students, and oncologist to help Bowling Green man with kidney cancer to cross the finish line.

Letters to the Doctor

Dr. Sekeres recalls a memorable conversation with another physician, his patient.