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Clarity Breast System

Patients undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer benefit from more accurate targeting of the treatment area without added risk with the Clarity™ Breast System. Clarity is an image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system that more accurately locates the treatment area for potentially fewer side effects and no additional risk to patients.

More Accurate, Less Risk

Available in Ohio only at Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer institute, Clarity uses ultrasound, a non-ionizing radiation, to generate images used to define the radiation treatment area. Ultrasound allows physicians to better visualize the treatment area from the surrounding tissues. As a result, radiation is accurately targeted resulting in a smaller volume of tissue being exposed to radiation for fewer side effects. Non-ionizing radiation like ultrasound is a type of radiation that is safe and poses no additional risks to patients.

Clarity is used for patients with breast cancer following lumpectomy (surgical removal of a breast tumor) in both whole breast irradiation with "boost" (radiation to the site or cavity area where a tumor had been) and partial breast irradiation (PBI).

Better for Patients

During simulation, the planning session for radiation treatment, Clarity provides clearer definition of the area to be treated than computed tomography (CT) scans alone. According to Dr. Rahul Tendulkar, MD, "Ultrasound is very useful during simulation in defining the cavity to be treated without any added risk to patients."

Clarity has clear advantages for patients:

  • Precise, accurate targeting of the treatment area
  • Smaller treatment area means fewer side effects
  • Safe imaging technology

What Does Non-Ionizing Radiation Mean?

Non-ionizing radiation is a type of radiation (or strong beam of energy) that is not strong enough to create charged particles (an atom or molecule with a positive or negative charge). Ultrasound is a form of non-ionizing radiation and poses no additional risks to patients. Ionizing radiation is a type of energy that can create charged particles. Sources on ionizing radiation include the sun and x-rays. While beneficial in many ways, unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation has potential health risks.

Physician Specialists

The following physician at the Taussig Cancer Institute specializes in the Clarity Breast System.


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