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Blood & Marrow Transplant

Adult Transplant Physicians 216.444.5600
Navneet Majhail, MD Director
Brian Bolwell, MD Institute Chairman
Steven Andresen, DO Staff
Robert Dean, MD Staff
Aaron Gerds, MD Associate Staff
Betty Ky Hamilton, MD Associate Staff
Brian Hill, MD Associate Staff
Deepa Jagadeesh, MD Associate Staff
Matt Kalaycio, MD Department Chair, Hematologic Oncology & Blood Disorders
Hien Liu, MD Medical Director of Apheresis
Brad Pohlman, MD Vice Chair of Operations, Director of CARES
Ronald Sobecks, MD Quality Review Officer
Apheresis (M12) 216.444.2633
Hien Liu, MD Medical Director
NurJehan Quraishy, MD Staff
Blood & Marrow Transplant Inpatient Unit (G110) 216.444.4173
Patti Akins, RN Nurse Manager
Elizabeth Dimmock, CNP Advanced Practice Practitioner
Elisha Fleig, PA-C Advanced Practice Practitioner
Shannon Jarancik, PA-C Advanced Practice Practitioner
Heather Kasberg, CNP Advanced Practice Practitioner
Joe Kohuth, PA-C Advanced Practice Practitioner
Debra Scott, RN Assistant Nurse Manager
Administrative Support  
Julie Curtis, RN, BSN, Program Administrator 216.445.3794
Accreditation & Quality  
Sheila Serafino, MBA, Accreditation & Quality Manager 216.444.8579
Nurse Coordinators  
Laura Bernhard, RN, BSN, Clinical Manager 216.445.6373
Kelly Cherni, RN, BSN, OCN 216.444.9276
Elaina Corbett, RN, BSN 216.444.5839
Christina Ferraro, RN, BSN, OCN 216.445.3773
Gina Green, RN, BSN 216.445.4231
Jamie Starn, RN, BSN 216.445.4942
Administrative Coordinators  
Dianne Claiborne 216.445.3392
Maria Daw 216.445.5873
Kay Pierson 216.445.6538
Domonic Rini 216.445.7453
Gerri Robinson 216.445.4941
Financial Support Staff  
Vanessa Hudson, CPC, Reimbursement Specialist 216.445.6659
Jacqueline Lanning, Financial Counselor 216.445.6775
Social Work  
Jane Dabney, LISW-S 216.445.2483
Christine Lawrence, LISW-S 216.445.5193
Linda McLellan, LISW-S 216.444.5079
Donna Abounader, Research Coordinator 216.444.0054
Patti Baucco, Research Coordinator 216.444.4185
Sharisa Cross, Research Assistant 216.636.5647
Tanya Rodela, Research Assistant 216.636.5644
Jason Sabo, Research Assistant 216.636.5651
Andrea Urbanek, Research Assistant 216.445.5114
Joshua Workman, Research Assistant 216.636.5645
Melissa Yurch, Research Coordinator 216.444.4463

Cancer Answers & Appointments

Speak with a cancer nurse specialist for appointment assistance and for answers to your questions about cancer locally at 216.444.7923 or toll-free 1.866.223.8100.

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (ET).


Resources for medical professionals

  • Outpatient appointment referrals: 216.444.7923 or 866.223.8100
  • Inpatient hospital transfers: 800.553.5056
  • Referring Physician Concierge: 216.444.6196 or 216.312.4910.

Clinical Trials

Search available cancer clinical trials by disease, hospital, phase or number.

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