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Cancer Care at Cleveland Clinic

At Taussig Cancer Institute, more than 250 highly skilled doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals provide advanced cancer care to more than 14,000 patients with cancer each year. Clinical trials and internationally known cancer research efforts ensure that patients have access to the latest advances in cancer treatment. A range of support programs are available to help patients navigate the changes and challenges associated with cancer.

News Archives - 2013

September 2013
Celebrate Survivorship Event: A Gathering of Breast Cancer Survivors

On November 9th, hundreds of breast cancer survivors will gather to celebrate remission from their disease. This free event is sponsored by Cleveland Clinic and will be held at the Cleveland Convention Center.

Taussig Increasing Cleveland Clinic’s Reach

System is 'thriving' under Brian Bolwell; growth coincides with UH's opening of $260 million cancer center.

Early Detection is Cancer Survivor's Mission

A Fairview Hospital patient and breast cancer survivor has made early detection her mission as she participates in Race for the Cure.

August 2013
Waiting to Hear From the Doctor

Dr. Sekeres shares his personal experience as a patient anxiously awaiting test results.

Cleveland Clinic to Enroll Patients in New Study that Tests Tumors' Genetic Makeup

Dr. Sohal aims to use the genomic composition of a tumor to create individualized treatment plans for each patient.

June 2013
Dr. Budd Fine Tunes Breast Cancer Treatment, Presents at ASCO

Two common schedules used for the chemotherapy paclitaxel (Taxol) are equally effective at controlling breast cancer, but Dr. Budd's study reveals that fewer side effects are found with the weekly regimen.

May 2013
Dr. Shepard Comments on Role of Statins in Cancer

While the news and media are stating that statins are protective of cancer, Dr. Shepard urges that this is far from proven.

Seeking Calm on the Cancer Ward

Dr. Mikkael Sekeres shares the story of a patient resting calmly during the waiting game of cancer treatment.

April 2013
God and Doctor

When a patient who had refused blood transfusions on religious grounds died quickly, Dr. Sekeres and the staff of the leukemia floor were plagued by a question: had we done enough for him?

Laughter is best medicine for patient in costume

Doug Weyrick's experience in the radiation therapy treatment waiting room prompted him to try something to get a few more smiles - and he did!

Clinical trials app helps connect patients, doctors, & trials

Cleveland Clinic has built an app to help both physicians and patients find cancer clinical trials. The app, available for free from the iOS AppStore and the Google Play store, allows users to search the 130 active clinical trials by disease, phase, hospital location, or doctor.

Mayfield Heights man outruns cancer

Mike Shaughnessy was a runner long before he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He wasn't going to let throat cancer stop him from completing an upcoming 50K.

March 2013
Leukemia patient helps others to fight cancer with "Battle Bags" and "Dang It Dolls"

After spending Easter 2010 in this hospital fighting Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL), Brooke Hedrick and her family passed out "Battle Bags" and "Dang It Dolls" to leukemia patients who were hospitalized this Easter.

New endocrine therapies expand options for advanced prostate cancer

Dr. Robert Dreicer discusses advanced prostate cancer studies.

January 2013
Studio Fifty-One offers free wigs to patients

Studio Fifty-One is outfitted with hundreds of wigs that are available on a complimentary basis to our patients.

News Archives - 2012
Like Father, Like Son: Success in Business, on the Links, and in Fighting Cancer

This father and son are close, but a lymphoma diagnosis is something they never wanted to share.

First Stent Graft Used to Help Treat "Heart Cancer"

Though "heart cancer" is regularly treated at Cleveland Clinic, Jovetta Means' case required the use of the first stent graft. A year after her diagnosis, Means' tumor continues to shrink.

High Tea: Improving Patients' Experience

Taussig's High Tea and other patient-focused services help to create an environment that is both supportive and healing for patients.

The Miracle of Modern Medicine

Team effort, good luck, and an investigational new drug saved medical student turned patient Matt Hiznay, whose case was extraordinary from the very beginning.

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