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Arts & Medicine Institute

Cleveland Clinic's Arts & Medicine Institute was created for the purpose of integrating the visual arts, music, performing arts and research to promote healing and to enhance the lives of our patients, families, visitors and employees.

Fine art is good medicine.

It comforts, elevates
the spirit, and affirms
life and hope.


Art Exhibition
See the latest exhibition showcasing the artistic talents of our Caregivers.

Audio Tour
Listen to artists and employees on a guided tour of Cleveland Clinic's art collection.

About Arts & Medicine Institute
Our mission, vision and values.
Art Program
Discover our art collection.
Therapy, Performance & Education
Assisting with both emotional and physical healing and growth.
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Humanizing Healthcare Through Art

A new program using art as a tool of social connection, embeds Cleveland Institute of Art students in Cleveland Clinic healthcare facilities, and benefits both patient and artist. Cleveland Clinic nurse practitioner Ruth Mundy comments.

Music does More than Entertain

Music therapy manager Lisa Gallagher shares common misconceptions about music therapy and how patient families can benefit from the healing power of music.

Expanding Art and Music for Hospital Patients

Dr. Iva Fattorini shares how Cleveland Clinic is leading the innovation of art and music therapy in healthcare.

Young Heart Transplant Patient Uses Music Therapy to Recover

A 16-month-old girl who underwent a heart transplant surgery in the nick of time at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital is using music therapy on her journey to recovery.

Music May Help Decrease the Risk of Dementia

Dr. Iva Fattorini comments on how playing on a music instrument may help decrease the risk of dementia.

Superheroes Visited Cleveland Clinic Children's Patients

Art therapy manager Tammy Shella comments on the positive effects art therapy can have on patients at Cleveland Clinic Children's.