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Pain Management

Chronic pain can rule your life, interfering with your ability to work, sleep and enjoy your family and friends. When chronic pain disrupts your quality of life and does not improve with standard treatments such as aspirin or ibuprofen, Cleveland Clinic's Department of Pain Management is here to help. There are many safe, proven effective treatments available that can eliminate or reduce chronic pain.
The sooner you seek treatment the sooner you can start enjoying life again.

About Pain Management
Learn more about us, our mission, and how we take a collaborative approach to treating pain.
Diseases & Conditions
An A to Z listing of the diseases and conditions we treat within Pain Management.
Treatments & Procedures
An A to Z listing of the treatments and procedures used to treat and manage pain.
Our Doctors
Find a pain management specialist.
Appointments, locations and patient resources.
Clinical Trials & Research
Learn about Pain Management clinical trials and various research studies currently underway.
Patient Education
Resources, newsletters, videos, webchat transcripts, and FAQs.
For Medical Professionals
Pain Consult enewsletter sign up and archives, resources, links, and education opportunities.


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Fighting Chronic Pain

Dr. Richard Rosenquist explains the most effective way to ease chronic pain.