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DNR Comfort Care Guide for Patients

Has your primary care physician, at your request, written an order that you wish to wear your "DNR: Comfort Care" or "DNR Comfort Care Arrest" bracelet both during and after your care at Cleveland Clinic?

If so, this bracelet, in addition to your doctor's order in the chart and the Advanced Directives which you have signed inform all of your physicians and nurses how you have chosen to be cared for during the latter stages of your illness.

We want you to know that your doctors and nurses respect your wishes and want to make you comfortable while providing you the best care.

What are DNR Comfort Care directives?

DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Comfort Care directives tell all healthcare workers that they must not do the following:

Many patients ask how the DNR: Comfort Care status will affect the decisions of physicians during any operative procedures. You and your loved ones might want to give some thought to the following options should surgery be needed:

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