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Financial & Billing Services

financial billing

Global Patient Services is here to assist with your financial and billing arrangements. We work with you to ensure you understand the cost of care.

There are three ways a patient may pay for healthcare services at Cleveland Clinic:

Health insurance: We will work with your insurance company to try and limit your out-of-pocket expenses. The insurance company makes the final decisions, however.
Self Pay: You will pay for your healthcare using one of the acceptable forms of payment.
Embassy-sponsored: Your embassy will pay for your healthcare services.

When you schedule your appointment, we will discuss your payment preference.

Full payment is required before any medical services can be rendered. The following are acceptable forms of payment for Cleveland Clinic:

  • Traveler’s checks
  • Personal checks (drawn from a U.S. bank)
  • Money orders
  • Cash (in U.S. dollars)
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express

Please note that all payments must be made in U.S. dollars. To discuss financial concerns prior to your visit, you may call 216.444.0342. (Contact your international operator to determine the dialing prefixes for calling the United States from your country.)