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How to Make an Appointment

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Every year, people from all over the world come to Cleveland Clinic. Global Patient Services is here to assist you before, during and after your trip to Cleveland.

Let’s start with the basics. Here are the steps to take in planning your visit to Cleveland Clinic.

  1. Read through this website to become familiar with the process.
  2. Call us, and we will schedule your appointments close together, reducing downtime when possible.
  3. If required, obtain the necessary documentation (VISA) to enter the United States.
  4. Obtain and send your medical records in English to Cleveland Clinic. We will provide you the mailing information.
  5. Schedule your travel.
  6. Once you arrive, we will take it from there and keep your visit on track.

Language Assistance & Interpretation Services

Members of our staff speak English and another language, such as Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, or other languages. In addition, we provide Cleveland Clinic interpreters when possible and arrange for independent interpreters when necessary. Whatever language you speak, we will provide communication assistance. We welcome both U.S. and non-U.S. patients who need interpretation services. For more information, please refer to our Language Assistance section.