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As one of the top respiratory programs in the country, we offer the most current, innovative options available for diagnosing and treating all lung, breathing and allergy conditions. View information about diagnostic tests and procedures as well as treatment options at Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Institute below.

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Lung & Allergy Treatments

Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Institute is one of the best programs in the country for treating lung, breathing and allergy disorders. We offer a wide variety of options, from simple treatments, such as medications and prevention tips, to complex treatments, including lung transplantation and the latest cancer therapies.

View treatment options available at the Respiratory Institute below:

Diagnostic Tests & Procedures

Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Institute physicians offer a variety of medical tests to diagnose lung, breathing and allergy conditions. Typically, the first step in the diagnosis process is a physical examination and a complete medical history. Based on your history and symptoms, our Respiratory Institute doctors may order additional medical tests to make a diagnosis.

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