Marymount Hospital

Junior Volunteer Application

In Order to Complete This Form

You will need three persons present:

  1. Junior Volunteer Applicant
  2. Parent or Guardian
  3. Counselor or Teacher

Requirements for Junior Volunteers

  1. Age: Applicants must be at least 15 years of age to apply.
  2. Applications: All prospective volunteers must file an application with the Volunteer Office. Filing an application does not assure placement. Choice of applicants is determined on the basis of personal qualifications and traits judged by the Volunteer Staff to be suitable and in the best interest of the Hospital.
  3. Interview: Applicants will be contacted to schedule a personal interview with the Director or Coordinator of Volunteer Services. Although not required, parents are welcome to attend the interview so they will understand the commitment expected of their teen.
  4. Health: Volunteers are expected to be in good physical and mental health, and must complete all health requirements prior to volunteer services.
  5. Willingness: Volunteers must have a sincere desire to perform community service and a willingness to cooperate in all areas of assignment.
  6. Responsibility: The volunteer should have a genuine sense of responsibility to the hospital and the assigned tasks. Volunteers must accept the rules which apply to the Junior Volunteer Program.
  7. Dependability: Volunteers are expected to be faithful in attendance, advising of planned absences in advance, and always notifying the Volunteer Office of last minute cancellations.
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