Emergency Department

In an emergency situation, every second counts, and for more than 100 years, people have counted on the Emergency Department at Lutheran Hospital to provide high-quality, compassionate care.

Open 24/7, our emergency physicians and nurses treat patients of all ages, from minor injuries and illnesses to critical conditions.

Our ED offers reduced wait times for patients after implementing a new process, the split-flow system, to expedite care. The process allows the sickest patients to receive immediate and comprehensive care, while facilitating the care of the less sick patients in a more efficient manner.

In split flow, patients are seen shortly after arrival by a team member who decides whether to direct the patient to an area reserved for serious emergency cases, or to another area designated for patients with less serious conditions. Patients with conditions such as a rash, ankle sprain or sore throat might remain in their regular clothes, and instead of being assigned to a room, are moved to treatment areas specific to their needs.

If emergency patients need to be admitted, our hospital-based Emergency Department allows for convenient access to Lutheran Hospital’s inpatient care and specialty services. If the patient requires services that are not available at Lutheran, a system is in place for easy access to the expertise and resources of any Cleveland Clinic facility.

In July 2013, Lutheran Hospital began a $17.5 million project to double the size of our emergency department. The new expansion will feature renovated private rooms and a new triage process to expedite patient care. The current emergency department will remain open for patients throughout construction.


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