Emergency Department

Seconds count in an emergency, and for more than 100 years, people from Cleveland’s west side suburbs have counted on the Emergency Department at Lakewood Hospital.

  • Open 24/7, our board-certified emergency physicians and certified emergency nurses treat patients of all ages, from minor injuries and illnesses to the most critical conditions, such as heart attacks and strokes.
  • Our ED offers reduced wait times for patients after implementing a new process, the split-flow system, to expedite care. The process is designed to get the most critical patients seen quickly and to facilitate the care of less acute patients. Following early triage to assess the severity of illness, patients may be assigned an ED bed, or they may be moved to treatment areas specific to their needs. Since split–flow was implemented, the Lakewood Emergency Department has decreased the door-to-provider time to less than 30 minutes.
  • Stroke patients can rely on Lakewood Hospital to provide the most advanced level of care, from EMS/pre-hospital care to administering the proper interventions upon arrival at the Lakewood ED. Lakewood Hospital is the only facility on the west side with the ability to perform intra-arterial t-PA and clot retrieval.
  • Our Emergency Department staff is specially trained to treat stroke patients quickly, using the newest treatments, including t-PA, and advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment. As a result, the Lakewood ED has one of the quickest response times for treating stroke patients.
  • Stroke patients have access to the expertise and resources of the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute at Lakewood Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital at Lakewood Hospital.
  • Lakewood Hospital has been designated as a Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. This accreditation signifies that Lakewood Hospital’s stroke program has been evaluated and meets stringent national guidelines for advanced stroke care. As a certified Stroke Center, Lakewood Hospital maintains the highest standards of consistency, quality and patient safety, which can significantly improve outcomes for stroke patients.
  • If emergency patients need to be admitted, our hospital–based Emergency Department allows for convenient access to Lakewood Hospital’s inpatient care and specialty services. If the patient requires services that are not available at Lakewood, a system is in place for easy access to the expertise and resources of Cleveland Clinic.
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