Care Management

While you are a patient at Medina Hospital our primary goal is to speed your return to good health. As our experts respond to your medical needs, we know that meeting your social, financial, emotional and environmental needs can also contribute to your recovery process. Care Management is a key resource in meeting those needs.

Care Management Staff

Our caring staff combines the skills of nurses, social workers and insurance reviewers (utilization review) to assess the patient’s needs. These individuals work closely with the patient, family, physician and healthcare team.  

Staff is assigned to specific nursing units.  All inpatients and observation patients are reviewed at the time of admission to ensure they meet inpatient admission criteria. Patients are continually reviewed throughout their hospitalization to ensure they are discharged to the appropriate setting, at the appropriate time.

Discharge Planning

An essential part of your post-hospital care is discharge planning. Considering these plans early helps to alleviate later stress as you recover. Medina Hospital social workers have a primary role in the development of this discharge plan. We can help you design a post-hospital care plan tailored to your specific needs.

Providing Resources

Our social workers can link patients and their families to:

  • Home Healthcare
  • Homemaker Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Day Care Programs
  • Nursing Home Placement
  • Counseling/Rehabilitation Services
  • Support Groups
  • Legal Services
  • Meal Programs
  • Financial Assistance Programs

For more information about how we can help, call the Medina Hospital Care Management Department at 330.721.5022.