Support Services

We're committed to providing the highest level of patient care to make your stay a pleasant one.  Please review the information provided so you are familiar with the services available to you.  To take advantage of any of these services or for more information, please contact your nurse.

Care Management

Helping to meet your social, financial, emotional and environmental needs during your recovery to return to good health

Community Resource Center

A Community Resource Center offering two libraries: a Medical Library providing hospital staff with health care information and a Patient & Family Health Information Library providing information to better manage their health.

Life Pouches

Providing local safety and rescue personnel with pertinent information when called to your home in an emergency.

Spiritual Care

Your spiritual well-being contributes to your physical health. We encourage you to share important spiritual and/or cultural beliefs or traditions with us as part of your health care.

Support Groups

Support groups at Medina Hospital to help you or a loved one get through a difficult time.