Stroke Center

Marymount Hospital is certified by the Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center. Obtaining this certification signifies that our stroke program meets strict criteria required by the Joint Commission and the hospital has undergone a comprehensive on-site evaluation.

This recognition also demonstrates that Marymount Hospital’s stroke care program follows national standards and guidelines that can significantly improve the outcomes for stroke patients.

Marymount’s multi-specialty team members from emergency department personnel to local paramedic squad members are especially trained on how to identify a stroke victim, assess the severity of a stroke and treat stroke victims. Our dedicated Stroke Unit for inpatient care ensures that our stroke patients receive exceptional care.

Know the Warning Signs of Stroke – Think FAST

F – FACE: If the person smiles, does one side of the face droop?
A – ARMS: If the person raises both arms, does one drift downward?
S – SPEECH: Can the person clearly repeat a simple statement?
T – TIME: If the person shows any of these symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately