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Why Volunteer?

You can make a difference.

Hundreds of volunteers donate their time and talent to Fairview Hospital each week. They perform valuable hospitality, patient care and administrative services. It is their smiling faces and positive attitudes that we see every day.

Fairview Hospital has been a leader in taking first-class care into the community we serve. We have been a central element in building a network of churches, satellite facilities, physician’s offices and other sites where we offer medical care, patient and family support, health education and preventative screening.

As an integral department of Fairview Hospital, our purpose is to provide an efficient, effective and humanistic volunteer staff and provide leadership, support and advocacy for volunteerism. We welcome enthusiastic individuals of all backgrounds and abilities and do not judge applicants by race, religion or age, but rather by commitment, dependability and the desire to be of service to our patients, families and visitors while supporting the services provided by Fairview Hospital.

The Volunteer Department at Fairview Hospital is like a family. As a part of our volunteer family, you’ll meet people who’ll become your lifelong friends. Many of our volunteers get together outside the hospital for lunches, picnics and other social activities.

So come and join our team! It’s a wonderful experience and it gives you the opportunity to not only make a difference in others, but also in yourself.