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Our Residents

Nicole Ascanio, MD

Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine
Hometown: Mooresville, NC
Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Medical Interests: Procedures, preventive health, nutrition, kids
Hobbies/Interests: Running, spending time with family, eating (not cooking) and spending time with my fiance
Future Plans: Starting a family and practicing outpatient family medicine
Why I Chose Fairview: "It felt like a perfect mix of great experiences with great people!"

Elizabeth Belson, MD

Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine
Undergrad: Drake University
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Medical Interests: Global health, sports medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Running, tennis, traveling, staying up on current events
Future Plans: I'm considering doing a sports medicine fellowship. I want to work on global health issues, and am currently looking for my niche in that field.
Why I Chose Fairview: "I was so impressed by the people I met on interview. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Most importantly, they seemed genuinely happy to be at Fairview."

Biagio Boytim, DO

Medical School: LECOM
Undergrad: Heidelberg University
Hometown: Brunswick, OH
Medical Interests: Sports Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Baseball, golf, spending time with family and friends, riding motorcycles and playing cards
Future Plans: I plan to stay in the greater Cleveland area and practice a mix of outpatient and inpatient medicine.
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because of the people. It is really a family environment of educated people. I knew I would get the best education/training possible and still be around great people."

Jamie DelVecchio, DO

Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad: Mercyhurst College
Hometown: Mentor, OH
Awards: Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Primary Care Incentive Scholarship, MEDTAPP Scholarship
Medical Interests: Sports Medicine, Preventive Medicine, International Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Running, soccer, traveling, spending time with family and friends
Future Plans: I would like to pursue a sports medicine fellowship.
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because I felt it would provide me with a well-rounded education and prepare me well for my future as a physician. In addition, the faculty, staff and residents are so friendly and really make you feel at home."

Rachael McGuirk, MD

Medical School: Ohio State University College of Medicine
Undergrad: Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Hometown: Akron, OH
Awards: Graduated cum laude from OSUCOM
Medical Interests: General Medicine, Addiction Medicine, International Health
Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, reading, learning languages, science, hiking
Why I Chose Fairview: "Because of the great balance between academic rigor and lifestyle. I also like how Fairview has a community feel with the resources of a big academic center."

Regina Pestak, DO

Medical School: Ohio University
Undergrad: John Carroll University
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Awards: Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Primary Care Scholarship; MEDTAPP Healthcare Initiative Scholarship; Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine: Distinguished Osteopathic Commitment - Outstanding Student Leadership; John Carroll University: Campion Award for Service Excellence; John Carroll University Scholarship: Presidents Honor Award; John Carroll University Scholarship: Leadership Scholars Award
Medical Interests: Women's Health, Pediatric Wellness
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, baking, hiking, music
Future Plans: As a Cleveland native my intentions are to remain in Northeast Ohio for the duration of my primary care career. We are committed to our neighbors and I hope to have a positive impact on the wellness of our community!
Why I Chose Fairview: "Fairview puts major emphasis on interdisciplinary team work and holistic medicine. The program's strong commitment to comprehensive care was a major influence on my desire to work there. Additionally, the Fairview family medicine team is moving toward a patient-centered medeical home model and placing major emphasis on healthcare quality and access. Additionally, the program offers a strong OMT curriculum and opportunities for research. I know Fairview will help me grow into a capable, well-rounded primary care physician."

Krunal Jethwa, MD

Medical School: Saba University
Undergrad: University of Western Ontario
Hometown: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Awards: Wanzah Society of Canada Scholarship
Medical Interests: Sports Medicine and Emergency Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Sports (basketball), traveling, eating
Future Plans: Professional sports team physician
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview for its family atmosphere, small class size and the reputation of the Cleveland Clinic."

Richard LeBano, MD

Medical School: University of Medicine & Dentistry (UMDNJ) - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Undergrad: Princeton University
Hometown: Mount Ephraim, NJ
Awards: Student Leadership Award, Gold Humanism Honor Society
Medical Interests: Sports Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Nutrition, Adolescent Medicine, International Health
Hobbies/Interests: Skiing, tennis, running, yoga, singing, Spanish, music, theater, writing
Future Plans: A Sports Medicine Fellowship.  Then, ideally, an academic position in which I could care for college student athletes
Why I Chose Fairview: "In addition to great sports training and an affiliated fellowship, I wanted to train in a supportive, friendly environment, where both the attendings and residents were invested in teaching.  Having spent 27 years living in New Jersey, I wanted to move to a different part of the country for residency."

Scott Owen, DO

Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad: John Carroll University
Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH
Medical Interests: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Geriatrics
Hobbies/Interests: Playing piano and guitar, cooking, spending time with my family
Future Plans: I would like to practice in the Cleveland area with a focus on nursing homes and the geriatric population
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because of its well-balanced curriculum, outstanding faculty and residents, patient advocation, and community hospital setting.  It was very important for me to be in a program that feels like a family and encourages osteopathic philosophies, while instilling traditional academics and training.  I feel that Fairview encompasses all of these values and many more."

Courtney Pearson, MD

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Undergrad: University of Deleware
Hometown: Bowie, MD
Medical Interests: A little of everything, and it changes all the time!
Hobbies/Interests: Long distance running, photography, spending time with my family and friends
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because I really felt at home with the residents and faculty.  I also couples matched - my husband is a Dermatology resident at the main campus. We were both born and raised on the East Coast, and even though we will miss Maryland blue crabs, we are excited to explore somewhere new!"

Ashley Phipps, DO

Medical School: Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad: UC Davis, 2006; UNLV, 2009
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Medical Interests: Geriatrics, Community Health, Preventive Medicine, Research
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, travel, running, soccer, rugby, spending time with family and friends
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because the attendings and residents have such a wonderful focus on providing quality care for their patients. I also enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and dedication to learning and growing as primary care providers."

Natalie Thomas, DO

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)
Undergrad: The Ohio State University
Hometown: Rocky River, OH
Medical Interests: Procedural Medicine
Future Plans: I am planning on staying in the Cleveland area to practice general family medicine
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because I felt right at home working with the residents, faculty and staff. It is a friendly atmosphere and a wonderful place to learn."

Ryan Walker, MD

Medical School: West Virginia University School of Medicine
Undergrad: West Virginia University
Hometown: Bridgeport, WV
Awards: Dr. Robert Marks Memorial Medical Scholarship
Medical Interests: I have a wide range of interest, which is why I love Family Medicine. It gives me the opportunity to treat many patients from child to adult.
Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy spending time with my wife. We play tennis, go on walks and love movie night. I also try to stay active by running and swimming
Future Plans: I would like to start a family with my wife in a nice community. I am interested in a mixture of inpatient and outpatient work in a community setting.
Why I Chose Fairview: "I fell in love with Fairview because of the community hospital feel with the presence of a major academic center like the Cleveland Clinic. The faculty are great teachers, and they have a great relationship with each other and the residents."

Andrew Henson, DO

Medical School: Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad: Colorado State University
Hometown: Elizabeth, CO
Medical Interests: Preventive Medicine, Obstetrics, Adolescent Medicine, the Medical Home model
Hobbies/Interests: following sports (Denver Broncos, Atlanta Braves), reading, biking, golf, spending time exploring Ohio with my wife.
Future Plans: Would like to either join a small independent practice or start a practice in a small suburban area.
Why I Chose Fairview: "The staff, faculty and residents' great attitude made it an easy choice. I love the diverse background of the patients and residents. The curriculum is very robust with a chance to do research. My wife and I lived in Cleveland already, so we are excited to stay in the area!"

Christina Zarate Kolp, MD

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
Undergrad: Middlebury College
Hometown: Richmond, IN
Medical Interests: International Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Underserved populations
Hobbies/Interests: Music, international travel, backpacking, sports (except golf), eating, kayaking, reading
Future Plans: traveling
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview for the fantastic faculty, who are passionate about teaching. There is a sense of community among faculty, staff and residents."

Jason Sargent, DO

Medical School: Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad: Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
Hometown: Circleville, OH
Medical Interests: Underserved and International Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Backpacking, fishing, golf, photography, basketball, and my faith
Future Plans: To practice medicine in underserved areas and international medical missions.
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because it offered great training in areas that are specific to me. It hit every checkbox I had when looking at programs and knew it was where I wanted to be, especially after rotating through as a medical student."

Erika Sweigart, DO

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad: Lycoming College
Hometown: Reading, PA
Medical Interests: Urgent Care, Continuity of Patient Care, ENT
Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, jogging, Yoga/zumba classes, spending time with friends and family
Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to join a local urgent care practice, hopefully get married and start a family.
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview because of the friendly atmosphere and the close-knot program with all the aminities of a large institution."

Ryan Williams, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Undergrad: Hannibal Lagrange University
Awards: Graduated Cum Laude
Hometown: Unionville, MO
Medical Interests: International and Wilderness Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Sailing, flying, hiking and camping
Future Plans: I'd like to work part time in developing countries and plan to incorporate this outreach into a group practice.
Why I Chose Fairview: "I chose Fairview largely because of the people. I immediately felt welcomed and encouraged. To find such an enrichment in a teaching hospital of this caliber is hard to find."