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Advantages of Our Program

To ensure a healthy balance between patient care, education and personal / family needs, we believe in collaborative learning, mutual support and teamwork.

“When it came to choosing a residency program I wanted the opportunities of a large system in the setting of a community hospital. Fairview provides both of these. I am happy to be in a program where I have access to excellent consultants and providers who are dedicated to our community and the care of our patients. What really sets us apart is the respect primary care has at Fairview Hospital. Our residents and faculty are highly regarded at Fairview and many of our alumni continue to practice alongside us. In many ways the Center of Family Medicine and the Family Medicine residency are the heart of our hospital. I count myself lucky to be in a place where primary care is a value and I am fortunate enough to learn from some of the region’s best physicians.”
Andrew Henson, DO, PGY3

“I am honored to work with such an outstanding group of physicians, from fellow residents and the Family Medicine staff, to the supervising community doctors. These physicians have an unquestionable dedication to their patients, as well as a passion for teaching. Working at CFM and Fairview Hospital has provided a setting where one can establish a strong relationship with patients, while simultaneously providing exposure to a broad range of challenging medical issues.”
Christina Kolp, MD, PGY3

“I'm new to Cleveland, and I love it here - thanks to my new Fairview family. Everyone is incredibly friendly and willing to help, which has made the transition from med student to intern easy. I love that the program is community based, but also has all of the academic resources offered by the Cleveland Clinic. I feel very lucky to be training here!”
Courtney Pearson, MD, PGY2

“Fairview has truly welcomed me into its community. The faculty and support staff at the Center for Family Medicine as well as Fairview hospital have been unbelievably helpful in the transition from medical student to intern. The support and patience as I continually learn and adapt has been wonderful, and I feel very happy to be a part of such a wonderful program. There is a great sense of community and camaraderie between all three years of residents, and I am very happy to be able to be able to learn not only from passionate faculty and support staff, but also from those coming right before me.”
Natalie Thomas, DO, PGY2

"I fell in love with Fairview because of the community hospital feel with the presence of a major academic center like the Cleveland Clinic. The faculty are great teachers. The residents have a great relationship with each other and the Faculty. This all comes together to create an amazing learning environment."
Ryan Walker, MD, PGY2

“I am new to Ohio and have loved everything about Cleveland and the Fairview Family Medicine program since I got here. I chose Fairview for residency because of the truly fantastic mix of faculty and residents at this program in addition to the diverse patient population and range of experiences you get throughout your training. Another advantage to the program is the smaller faculty size compared to other programs which facilitates stronger relationships and better training and education. I feel very lucky to be in this program and am really looking forward to my 3 years here.”
Nicole Ascanio, MD, PGY1

“Being from Cleveland, I knew I wanted to stay close to home. When I rotated at Fairview, I was overwhelmed by the kind and welcoming faculty and residents. I was drawn to the supportive environment and the strong work ethic of the residents. Fairview also offers a community hospital setting with the abundant resources of the Cleveland Clinic. All of these factors play a role in making this residency a great place to learn. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Fairview community!”
Jamie DelVecchio, DO, PGY1

“Fairview Center for Family Medicine is my home for the next three years. When considering residency programs, I ranked Fairview number one for both professional and personal reasons. Fairview Hospital is a branch of The Cleveland Clinic Health System. The residency program is dually accredited, providing fellowship opportunities, along with leadership experiences and networking. The community supports and respects the residency program and provides a great patient population as well. I grew up in the surrounding area and it is an honor to serve my community members and build relationships that I hope to maintain throughout my professional career. Fairview also provides residents a well-rounded, structured and organized educational program. The attendings are respectable physicians themselves – I would send my family to any of them. They truly want you to excel; they are confident in the residents’ abilities, and also create learning and growth opportunities so that you are well prepared for all aspects of medicine upon completion. I enjoy the diverse group of people that I work with and they make me a better physician; they are friendly, down to earth, relatable and reliable. There is a family atmosphere here and I couldn’t be more proud to start my years of practice here at Fairview and in the Cleveland area.”
Biagio Boytim, DO, PGY1

Advisor System
Each resident is assigned to a faculty advisor. Residents can discuss any educational or personal issues they feel comfortable with. Advisor meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis, and residents can request to meet with their advisors any time they wish.

Annual Resident Retreat
Every September, all residents and faculty attend a retreat, in a more remote location. This interactive retreat gives an opportunity to bond with all the residents, faculty and all their families.

Resident Business Meetings & Resident Support Meetings
Twice a month, residents discuss their concerns at a Resident Business meetings, with no program faculty present. They also meet once a quarter as a group with an outside psychologist. These discussions are also not shared with faculty.

Resident Forums
Twice per year, Resident Forums are set up to express residents’ issues. These discussions are more related to hospital-system concerns.

Breakfast Bunch
Once a month, interns meet with the behavioral scientist and previous CFM graduate to discuss intern concerns and help with residency transition.

Collegial Atmosphere
We believe in collaborative learning and mutual support.  Our overall success is dependent on our ability to work as a team.

Home Call
Our 2nd and 3rd year residents take home call for the Family Medicine service. They come into the hospital for admissions. If there are admissions after midnight, the resident is considered “post-call” and will be off the following afternoon to adhere to the ACGME call guidelines.

Teaching Opportunities
As 2nd and 3rd year residents, you can be scheduled with a medical student. Residents have the opportunity to teach residents in the clinic and on the inpatient Family Medicine rotation. Fairview has 3rd year students come for clerkship rotations, and 4th years rotate if they are interested in Family Medicine. We have students who come from CCF Lerner College, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio State University, University of Toledo, Ohio University and LECOM. Students from any LCME OR AOA accredited schools are welcome.