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Percutaneous Treatments

Questions and Answers about Percutaneous Treatments for Valve and Aortic Disease

video by Lars Svensson, MD, PhD
Director, Center for Aortic Surgery and Director, Marfan Syndrome and Connective Tissue Disorder Clinic


Adult cardiac surgery; cardio-aortic and aortic surgery, including combined valve and aneurysm surgery; minimally invasive mitral and aortic valve surgery; blood conservation; prevention of stroke and paralysis after aortic surgery; Marfan syndrome; peripheral vascular surgery; and the Maze procedure.

Dr. Svensson discusses percutaneous treatments for valve disease and aortic disease. You will learn:

  • surgical treatment of aortic and mitral valve disease is performed successfully at fairly low risk.
  • surgeons have been investigating non-surgical options for patients at high risk for heart surgery.
  • about current research studies involving percutaneous approaches to treat aortic valve disease, mitral valve disease and aortic aneurysm.

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