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General Surgery covers a wide spectrum of routine problems that require surgical intervention. Most patients are initially seen by their primary care physician or internist, because they have noticed a “lump,” have abdominal pain, or have an area of tenderness in a limb or their chest or abdomen. Surgical opinions are therefore sought for these “lumps and bumps,” abdominal pain, and surgical infections by primary care physicians and internal medicine specialists who seek the aid of the general surgeon in resolving these relatively straightforward surgical issues. Specifically, the department has created a  Hernia Center to address patients’ questions and schedule evaluations for hernia repair.

The Department of General Surgery offers these services at the main campus, Family Health Centers, and community hospitals. Most of these problems are dealt with on an outpatient surgery basis, and frequently use state-of-the-art technology. Most members of the Department of General Surgery have an interest and expertise in these general surgery problems.

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