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Cleveland Clinic TV (CCTV)

Cleveland Clinic's Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides patients with information about their conditions and ways to care for themselves or family members. A service of the Center for Consumer Health Information, CCTV offers quality education videos to patients and family members. CCTV education videos are free of charge and are available any time at the patient's convenience. Please ask your nurse for a catalog or if you need help utilizing the video on demand service.

The videos benefit patients by:

  • Encouraging them to become active participants in their health care
  • Educating them about medical conditions, prescribed treatments, treatment options, and recovery time
  • Encouraging them to communicate openly with the health care team
  • Providing the knowledge to make well-informed medical decisions
  • Allowing them to catch up on new medical advances

CCTV Education Channels

Channel 33
The Cardiovascular Channel

Tune in to the Cardiovascular Channel 33 to learn more about cardiovascular disease and treatment. These videos provide information about heart and blood vessel diseases, treatment, prevention, and disease management. Treatment videos include surgical procedures, pre- and post-operative information, angioplasty procedures, pacemakers, medications, and more. Prevention and disease management information focuses on high cholesterol, nutrition, exercise, smoking and heart disease, and much more.

Channel 34
Cleveland Clinic News Service

The Cleveland Clinic News Service Channel provides patients with a look at the latest treatment and research breakthroughs occurring at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation's best hospitals. The channel also features interviews with Cleveland Clinic experts on important healthcare issues of the day.

Channel 35
Your Quality Care Channel

The Cleveland Clinic Quality Care Channel offers educational videos on a variety of topics.

Channel 36
The Relaxation Channel

Tune in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for captivating scenery, music, and relaxation techniques.

Channel 37
The Diabetes Information Channel

The Diabetes Information Channel presents education on treatment, prevention, and disease management.

Channel 38
Cleveland Clinic Children’s Channel

This channel provides information on different pediatric topics.

Channel 41
Cleveland Clinic Learning Channel

Tune in to view important educational videos that will assist you in caring for yourself or a loved one after your discharge.

Channel 44
The Arts & Medicine Channel

The Arts & Medicine Channel provides arts and cultural programming to enlighten, educate, and entertain. To lift the spirits with a dose of the arts right at the bedside – from dance and musical performances, this channel is sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic Arts & Medicine Institute.

Channel 85
Cleveland Clinic Children’s Relaxation Channel

Tune in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for captivating scenery, music, and relaxation techniques for our pediatric patients.

Channels 74 – 86
Video On Demand Channels

Video On Demand, a free service, allows patients to access more than 400 health education videos any time of the day or night by simply picking up the phone and calling extension 51616.

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