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Healthy Living

Healthy Living can help you make the right choices for a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy emotions. Discover wellness tips, interactive tools and the latest news from Cleveland Clinic.

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Nutrition & Fitness

replaceWhat’s Your Eating Style?
Are you a convenience eater or stress eater? Are your portions out of control? Take this quiz to discover your eating style and ways to improve your relationship with food.
replaceSalt Substitutes: Are they Safe?
Limiting your salt intake probably is a good idea, but salt substitutes aren’t for everyone.
replaceKeep Your Fitness on Track
If you made a right at the cheesecake and a left at the cookie jar, don’t despair. We’ll tell you how to get back on track.

Take Charge of your Health

replaceNew Pain Treatments
Headaches, back pain and cancer pain top the charts on the pain scale. Learn what’s new to treat these conditions.
replace9 Tips for Living with Pain
If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, use these tips to help you cope.
replacePreserving Intimacy
Don’t think erectile dysfunction is an inevitable part of aging, and don’t let embarrassment stop you from seeking treatment.
replaceWhat You Don’t Know About a Colonoscopy
There are many excuses for avoiding a colonoscopy, and our expert tackles each of them head on.

Be Heart-Smart

replaceA Kinder, Gentler Heart Bypass
This “mini” coronary artery bypass is just the latest of many minimally invasive surgeries being performed at the Heart & Vascular Institute.
replaceTo Catch a Speeding Heart
If you’ve ever felt like your heart was “beating out of your chest,” you may have atrial fibrillation. You’ll be happy to know that there’s an easy, non-invasive way of finding out.
replaceThe Word on Cholesterol? Down, Down, Down
Preventing heart disease is like dancing the limbo: You’ve got to know “how low you can go.” The good news is that lowering bad cholesterol can be easy. Find out how.
replaceThe ABCs of Cardiac Rehab
Cardiac rehabilitation can be a lifesaver to those with heart-related conditions. Learn why cardiac rehab might be right for you or someone you love.

Healthy Living Vodcasts:

replaceTeens and Breakfast
You've heard of the terrible two's. Many parents will tell you terrible goes with their teens too, especially when it comes to eating breakfast.
replaceImplantable Contact Lenses
People not eligible for vision enhancement surgery like LASIK may find clarity with new FDA-approved implantable contact lenses.
replaceKeep Track of Your Cholesterol
Experts want you to have low levels of LDL or "bad cholesterol" and high levels of HDL or "good cholesterol." But Cleveland Clinic researchers say there is more to this story.
replacePortion Control
With obesity and diabetes growing at an alarming rate, watching our weight has become even more important.

Focus on the Community:

Helping the Homeless

The homeless often lack more than food or clothing. Most also lack basic medical care. Learn how Cleveland Clinic and its hospitals bring healthcare to homeless women in the community.

Take a Few Moments for Yourself

Managing Stress

Find quick tips to help you de-stress through progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques and mental imagery.

Two-Minute Relaxation

This two-minute technique can help keep you on an even keel, clearing your mind and helping you function well.