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Anticoagulation Clinic

What is an anticoagulation clinic?

The Anticoagulation Clinic is a service established to monitor and manage the medication(s) that you take to prevent blood clots. Physically, it is a specified location within a hospital or a medical office that is staffed by pharmacists. The pharmacists, working in conjunction with your physician, will check your blood test and adjust your dose of warfarin (Coumadin® or Jantoven®) as well as other medicines that may be needed (such as heparin shots or Vitamin K, the antidote to Coumadin).

Why is a special clinic needed to manage my medicine?

Warfarin can be a dangerous medicine if not closely monitored. While on warfarin, your blood clotting time or INR must be checked at least once a month, but more often when first starting this medicine, when changes are made to your other medications, or if your INR results are not within the therapeutic range.

What is required to be enrolled in the Cleveland Clinic anticoagulation clinic?

Your Cleveland Clinic physician must send a referral form to the Anticoagulation Clinic office. This physician must be someone whom you intend to continue to visit at least once a year. You must be willing to come for the required appointments with the pharmacists at least once a month, but more often if necessary. Pharmacist-staffed anticoagulation clinics are available at Cleveland Clinic main campus, and The Cleveland Clinic Family Health Centers in, Avon, Independence, Lorain, Solon, Strongsville, Twinsburg and Beachwood.*

What is the procedure for follow-up in the anticoagulation clinic?

After your physician sends in the referral form, you will be contacted by the Anticoagulation Clinic to discuss your therapy and to arrange your first appointment. At your appointments, the pharmacist will check your INR by using a fingerstick blood test (the result will be available immediately). The pharmacist will ask some questions about your health and medications, determine if your warfarin dose should be adjusted, and schedule your next appointment. At your first visit, you will be given some additional education regarding warfarin. (If there is a need to check the INR before the scheduled appointment with a pharmacist, you may be sent to a Cleveland Clinic laboratory to have your INR checked. A pharmacist from the Anticoagulation Clinic will call you once the result is available.)

Appointments for any of the Anticoagulation Clinic locations are made through the main campus Anticoagulation Clinic office at: 216.444.4015.

* Policies and locations are subject to change


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