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Our newsletters cover a range of different topics, all designed to keep you informed on the latest news in healthcare. Choose the newsletters that interest you and sign up to receive them via email.

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General Health and Wellness
Health Essentials

Health Essentials - A monthly eNewsletter that brings wellness tips, healthy gourmet recipes, essential health news and free downloadable health guides straight to your inbox. It's information for your health, your life.

Health Essentials PEDS

Children’s Health Essentials - Get health and wellness tips for your kids and yourselves delivered to your inbox every month. Enjoy healthy recipes and essential health news, and download free health guides from Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and other experts.

Center for Integrative Medicine - The Center for Integrative Medicine combines the best of modern medicine with evidence-based complementary approaches to prevention and healing, and our e-newsletter is designed to provide you with the latest options for a fresh, holistic approach to your health and well-being.

GreenScene - Brought to you by the Office for a Healthy Environment, this monthly eNewsletter examines healthy environments for healthy communities. Learn about the realm of sustainability with helpful information, tips, news, and events.

Managing Pain - Cleveland Clinic's Department of Pain Management newsletter offers treatment options, therapies and medications for successful relief, along with ideas on how to stay active and how alternative techniques, such as acupuncture, diet and manipulation to help you better manage your chronic pain.

Speaking of Women's Health e-news - SWH is a nationwide women's health education program managed by Cleveland Clinic. The program features "edu-taining" conferences, a highly interactive website ( and this monthly email newsletter, which features health and wellness tips, the latest in women's health news, gourmet recipes, audio and video podcasts, and much more - just for women!

Heart Health

The Beating Edge – Heart & Vascular eNews - This monthly eNewsletter is brought to you by Cleveland Clinic's Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute and provides the latest information on heart and vascular care — from groundbreaking research to prevention and treatment. This newsletter is loaded with resources, such as upcoming webchats and heart-healthy recipes.

Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Sports Health

Competitive Edge - An eNewsletter for athletes, coaches and parents of athletes, written by the staff of Cleveland Clinic Sports Health and emailed three times a year. Topics related to injury prevention, strength and conditioning and nutrition are included along with health tips for athletes and coaches.

In Motion - In Motion is a free quarterly eNewsletter that gives you the latest bone and joint health news from Cleveland Clinic experts and features articles on a full range of topics including research, prevention and treatment, as well as new physicians, locations and upcoming events.

Kid Sports - KidSports is a free publication that includes articles on the latest sports topics concerns and trends for the younger athlete.

For Our Northeast Ohio Community

Community Connections - A monthly update from Cleveland Clinic for Northeast Ohio residents and public officials. This e-newsletter provides regular updates on the events, activities and initiatives happening throughout the Cleveland Clinic health system that we share with our neighbors and community partners.

For Our National and International Community Friends

Global Patient Services eNewsletter - Designed for the general public, this eNewsletter comes out four times a year. Discover the latest treatments and innovations at Cleveland Clinic and access valuable resources including publications, press releases and websites. Share your comments and questions with us. Learn why Cleveland Clinic offers hope to patients around the world.

For Health Professionals

The Center for Personalized Healthcare - This quarterly eNewsletter provides the latest information about innovations in personalized healthcare at the Cleveland Clinic and beyond. Our articles feature news about research, prevention and treatment, as well upcoming events.

Childrens Update - Developed for physicians, Children's Hospital Update is comprised of the latest education, clinical and operations news from Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. Distributed three times a year, discover the latest treatments and innovations used by Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital healthcare providers. In addition, learn more about our newest physicians and service offerings.

Cancer Advances Newsletter | Cleveland Clinic

Cancer Advances - Cancer Advances focuses on cancer-related innovation, research, clinical trials and programs, case studies, medical breakthroughs and educational programs.

eDigest - A newsletter focusing on the latest news, innovations, research and educational programs from one of the top digestive programs in the country.

ePerspectives - Published twice a year for physicians, Ob/Gyn ePerspectives highlights the latest advances including clinic work, research articles and institute innovations in Cleveland Clinic’s Ob/Gyn and Women’s Health Institute.

eRounds - eRounds is an online publication that includes timely and practical health information from Cleveland Clinic. Designed for the primary care physician, eRounds features our institutional perspective on stories making medical headlines and highlighting new services and technology that impact clinical care.

Frontiers - Frontiers is an e-newsletter for physicians from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department. Published once a year, it highlights the latest research and advancements in physical medicine.

Head & Neck Update - Cleveland Clinic's otolaryngologists and researchers highlight the latest advances in clinical work, innovations and research.

Heart and Vascular News from Cleveland Clinic - An e-newsletter for physicians from the #1 heart program in the country, with the latest treatments, innovations and advancements in heart and heart-related care.

Infertility eNews - Produced by the Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute and designed for medical professionals, this electronic newsletter highlights the latest clinical and business news from Cleveland Clinic. This publication is produced two times a year.

International Medical Connection - Designed for physicians, this eNewsletter is comprised of the latest clinical and business news from Cleveland Clinic as well as upcoming Cleveland Clinic conferences. Sent four times a year, discover the latest treatments and innovations at Cleveland Clinic and find out where Cleveland Clinic physicians are speaking around the world.

Notable Nursing - Produced by the Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence, this eNewsletter highlights nursing research, education and clinical practice at Cleveland Clinic. This biannual publication is sent to more than 10,000 nurses around the country, including nursing faculty and hospital nursing administration.

Pain Consult - Pain Consult is a Department of Pain Management publication produced annually for pain management specialists, anesthesiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, rheumatologists, orthopedic specialists, internal medicine and primary care physicians.

ePsychiatry Insights - A publication for physicians featuring the latest in psychiatric news.

Urology and Nephrology
Research Notes

Research Notes - Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute publishes Research Notes to provide an overview of our clinical, translational, health services and basic science research toward the improvement of patients' lives.

Urology & Nephrology News - Innovations, research summaries and perspectives on urology and nephrology issues from the staff of Cleveland Clinic.

For Those Interested in Supporting Cleveland Clinic

Catalyst eNews - A monthly eNewsletter featuring notable stories about Cleveland Clinic and its supporters, shaping healthcare for today's patients and future generations. Read about donation dollars at work, cutting-edge innovations and inspiring stories of people who benefit from Cleveland Clinic's advanced patient care.

Notations - A monthly eNewsletter for the general public with updates on our research to develop new strategies to prevent and treat diseases. Stories are also available online.

Research News

Timepoints - Our Timepoints biannual email provides the latest information on volunteer opportunities to participate in clinical research projects at Cleveland Clinic.

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