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Diagnosis and vestibular rehabilitation from dizziness, disequilibrium, imbalance and other vestibular disorders is offered. Dizziness is one of the most common reasons for a visit to a primary care doctor, but it is not a very descriptive term. It encompasses light-headedness, heavy- headedness, faintness, disorientation, distortion of position in three-dimensional space, turning sensation, spinning sensation, or rocking sensation.

The most common cause of vestibular disorders is the side effect to a medication. However, whenever dizziness is followed by a complete loss of consciousness, serious concerns regarding health of the heart or cardiovascular system need prompt medical attention.

As the ears share the same blood supply as the brain, conditions that restrict blood flow to the brain can lead to dizziness. When dizziness is accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness of an arm or leg, double vision, slurred speech, clumsiness of just one arm or leg, facial numbness or facial weakness, prompt medical attention is warranted.

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