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For Pain Relief, PRP is A-OK

Palm Beach Post – June 27, 2016

Patricia Smith can’t recall the specific moment when her left hip started hurting. All she knows is that, at some point in 2013, her hip pain began seriously impacting her quality of life.

Gynecological Cancers Are Often Hard to Detect

Miami Herald – June 23, 2016

Like many women, Deerfield Beach resident Karen Barback-Pristera always put herself on the back burner. Her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer the year before they were married.

Upcoming Webchats

Kidney Stone Treatment Options

August 1, 2016 | Noon – 1 p.m
Sri Sivalingam, MD & Fernando Cabrera, MD

Kidney Stones are small crystals that form in the kidneys and are a very common urinary tract disorder. The most common symptoms of kidney stones are back or abdominal pain, or blood in the urine. Although kidney stone attacks can be very painful, the majority of stones can pass on their own. However, when the stone becomes lodged and cannot pass, there are specialized minimal invasive surgical treatments available. These treatments include ureteroscopy, shock wave lithotripsy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Join us for a free private online health chat about kidney stone treatment options and get all of your questions answered by Cleveland Clinic urologist, Sri Sivalingam, MD and Cleveland Clinic Florida urologist Fernando Cabrera, MD.

Survivorship: Life After Cancer

August 30, 2016 | Noon – 1 p.m
Joylene Sutton-Aransevia, ARNP

While fighting cancer, many patients have extensive care and support along with their treatment. Thus, it is common to have new questions and concerns about how to progress once the cancer goes into remission and that care becomes less prevalent. It is important to remember while experiencing doubt and concern after cancer that there are many resources available. Join Joylene Sutton-Aransevia, ARNP in this open webchat to learn more about Survivorship.

Endocrinology Nursing Symposium

Steps to Success: Getting to the Heart of Diabetes

This activity is designed for nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, physical therapists and other Allied Health Professionals involved in working with persons with diabetes.

Program Objectives

  • Discuss available cardiovascular medications used to treat patients with diabetes and heart disease
  • Describe diabetes as a cardiovascular disease that is linked to heart attacks and strokes
  • Discuss the use of continuous glucose monitoring in controlling glucose elevations and low glucose in the patient with diabetes
  • State the relationship between obesity and diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • List oral agents and injectable medications for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
  • Describe presenting behaviors associated with patient resistance to therapy
  • State the types of diabetes, how they are classified and options proven to treat each
  • Describe basal/ bolus insulin therapy and how carbohydrate counting and correction formulas improve glucose readings
  • Discuss beneficial exercises for patients with diabetes to improve glucose control
  • Describe interventions for eating patterns and exercise regimens to elicit behavior change

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2016
Time: 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Cost: Free
Location: Cleveland Clinic Florida
David Jagelman Conference Center
2950 Cleveland Clinic Boulevard
Weston, FL 33331

Register online at

Please call Sandee McDonald at 954.689.5571 or ext. 65571.

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